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image is a personal non-commercial website.

This site was conceived with 2 objectives: to allow to find on Internet of the free images of rights without having to pay them or be registered and allow the amateur photographers to make known easily their works.
It is not question of competing with the professional sites which remunerate, in various ways, invested time. However, it is really regrettable to see on the Web that completely free images of rights cannot be downloaded without having to pay such a small contribution is it. This is why, places at the disposal a significant number of photographs, images, of cliparts, icons, and emoticons without you not having to pay or to register you to use them. is an accessible bank of images completely free without inscription.

What is a free picture ?

For photography, "free" has nothing in common with the same expression like for software for example. For the subject we are interested it is a particular condition of remuneration of the author.
By purchasing a photo royalty free, you do not become owner of the photo. The author, publisher, and others, still are the owners of the image. A photo royalty free is not necessarily free. However, when using a photo royalty free, you and owners are bound by a license agreement that grants permission to reproduce the picture without having to pay additional fees.
There are different licenses called "free". It is important to know the license related to the use of the photo before use. have, except where specified, pictures related to the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License Licence Creative Commons.
Quick explanation, pictures can be used for commercial or not and can be modify. Only the name of the author of the image must be specified to assign his work.
Some images on this site may be subject to other licenses. The terms of use will be specified for the image.
The photos on the site are not sold but are available for download for free and without any registration.

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